Because of You--

That time has now come my precious baby girl 
for you to say your goodbye 
Both to me and to this world.
Ive told you not to worry, and I know that you understand. 
So long we've walked together your paws pushed firmly into my hands. 
Who would have thought what we would have gone through.
13 years of pure joy
I'm so lucky to know you 
the deep way that I do.
It was YOU Alexus, 
who made me brave and strong, 
when everything in my life 
was going oh so wrong. 
You gave me your heart, 
and I gave you my heart too, 
Please tell me how the hell am I going to get through this 
and to do it without you? 
You've never ever been 
"just a dog" to me
And im not "just your Dad",
As I hope the world can see
Because of you my dearest friend, 
Akita World is here 
It is because of you Alexus, 
That the world holds you so dear.
I am only even alive today, 
because you gave me the hope 
and the biggest reason to stay.
You saved my life Alexus 
and you'll never know how much that means, but just know our journey together 
Well.... priceless it has been. 
Not a day will pass where you won't come into my head,
And I'll laugh or I'll cry and remember about something we said
I will try to be strong, but I know I'll fail at the start
I've a long road ahead without you being a part.
Be sure of this my dearest girl Akita world will thrive 
because it is your legacy, I will keep your spirit alive
I've got so many memories of us but its never going to be the same again 
To not have you there in the morning  
To not see your furry butt and mane.
I'm just not sure I can do this, my beautiful baby girl,Without you by my side
The love you've given me will never be forgot,
You really are my world. 
Do not worry though about what is to come, the journey might be scary
but the arrival will be worthwhile. 
There's only one more bridge to cross, 
but please dont look back at me.
Because my heart is breaking
and I dont want you to see
Run wild, run pain free now Alexus, 
and smile those huge big smiles, 
You've gave me so much happiness 
You're my number 1 
No more pain for you dear girl, 
Your my always and my forever xx
Love you forever Baby Girl!! Run Free now gorgeous. 

Bradley Haines