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Hello everyone! We are Ash, Axel, Milo and Dc.

Our mission that we chose to except is to do  Whisker Walk 2019 for Big East Akita Rescue across the pond. We ourselves are not rescues but we know how important it is to help others! So, each year we get our mum to help with the Whisker Walk. We understand the commitment and time it takes because  we take in foster brothers and sisters. We share our treats and toys with them until they find their forever home.

Our foster brother called Bear has stayed with us for a while now and he will also be walking to help BEAR, we are all from the UK but distance won't stop us from helping. We are a happy spoiled quartet! Our mum calls us hooligans - she just doesn't understand that we like to help keep her active!

We love to teach our foster brothers and sisters where the good food is kept, and we also teach them the importance of training - luckily our mum is already trained! We make sure they know how to call her so she comes and brings treats or toys, we have also taught them how to give our mum "The look" which is 100% fail proof to provide extra kisses and cuddles and scritches.

We would love you to help us help BEAR our wish is to reach our goal so many more Akita's can get the help that they need, we know how lucky we are and we want to be able to help our USA brothers and sisters get what they deserve which is a nice warm house, with comfortable sofas and a minion of their own... sorry... a mum and dad of their own!

We look forward to our walk and we thank you all for your support all our love from the boys

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Whisker Walk Team 4 Amigos