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Whisker Walk Team  Bellamy

Hello Akita Lovers, my name is Bellamy!

My Mom thinks I’m pretty special. I am a pretty loyal girl and always aim to please my Mom! My world starts and stops with her .

I am 9 years old but don’t look or act my age. My Mom says I am her energizer bunny. I love the show ring, mostly because of the great treats I receive when I look pretty. I am currently the #1 Akita girl in the good ol' USA. 

I also excel in obedience and performance. My Mom is mostly proud of that. She says that I allow the world to know how wonderfully versatile the Akita breed is and can be. 

I have such a wonderful life and Mom, but I know there are akitas out there who don't have what I have or anything close. That is why Mom and I want to Whisker Walk for Big East Akita Rescue.

BEAR continually goes above and beyond for the unwanted and abused. Sleepless nights, worried days, and many tears shed. The good news is there is also a lot of Joy! These dogs have found their saviors with BEAR.

My Mom and I really want to help those Akitas that are less fortunate than I. Please consider sponsoring us. We truly would appreciate it. Hugs and Akita smooches.