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Hi, my name is Envy and I am cherished and adored by my mommy, Heathyr and daddy, Shawn … or so they tell me ALL THE TIME!  I hear them say I am spoiled rotten but I could NEVER be rotten.  I live an amazing life with my brother Ryu and sister Promyse, living on two acres where we get to run, play and chase guinea fowl and spend lots of time with our family. 

I am afforded every opportunity in life but unfortunately, not all Akitas have been treated as well as I have.  This makes my mom sad so I told her that we should walk this year to support Big East Akita Rescue (BEAR) raising money for all those neglected, starved or abandoned akitas that end up at the shelters and sadly many of the abandoned are seniors … mom tells me that means they are old, like my brother.  Many of these akitas need a lot of medical attention and we want to do everything we can for them, so they too can find and awesome mommy and daddy like I have.

Would you sponsor me as I walk with my mommy to raise money to help all the lonely, sad akitas who have no mommy or daddy?  Please say yes!  Every dollar makes a difference so please know that no donation is too small.  I promise I will be a very good Whisker Walker and make you all so proud of me so pleeeeeeeeez sponsor Meeeeeeeeee!

Lots of kisses - Envy

Whisker Walk Team Envy

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