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Whisker Walk Team Jazz and Edie

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I admit it – I talk to my dogs - because, let’s face it looking in the mirror and talking to yourself is just a little nuts right?

I talk to Jazz and Edie and I used to talk to Kat before them…So, I asked them: Why do you want to go to the Whisker Walk for BEAR and get a bath and your nails done and have your picture taken again and again?

What do I get?  I get the look – come on, you’ve all seen it. That look, when they are looking right into your soul as if to say “Isn’t it obvious?” 

I can almost hear it; Jazz does the talking, in my mind he has a little boy voice –

“It’s because we have a Mom, and they don’t.

We’ve got a mom, who takes us to the store in the pouring rain so we can walk under cover, and then she cleans our feet before we get back in the car. It’s because we have someone to sit on the floor and help us to eat when we are sick or sore…who pulls the nasty burrs out of our fur after we have been running around in the woods…A mom who will hold our paw while we cross the bridge and never forget us when we do.

It’s because they DON’T have a mom and without BEAR they never will. “

Please support Jazz and Edie’s efforts for Big East Akita Rescue, let’s help get them all Moms & Dads.