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Hi, my name is Kitara!

​My Mommy and Daddy like to sing my name, “KiiitaarrrrrA, pretty sounding isn’t it? Well, I heard on that Facebook thing of a Whisker Walk to help raise money for Big East Akita Rescue. Since I already like to hike the trails in the area, I asked my Mommy and Daddy if it was ok to sign up and help. I am so excited they said YES!!!! BUT here is the important part- I need everyone’s help to sponsor me for the walk. BEAR helps Akitas, the ones that were treated poorly by their humans. 

No food, no nice bed, toys and treats or even a belly rub! I want to help the neglected, abused and abandoned Akitas in shelters see that there are really nice humans out there to love and care for them, JUST like my Mommy and Daddy do for me (they really spoil me, along with all their human friends). This will be my THIRD Whisker Walk. I really want to make a good impression and help my other Fuzzy Butts! Would you Pleazzze take a moment and sponsor me? Pretty please with lots of furry kisses on top. As the late great Manny Gordon said, "Enjoooooooooooy! Enjoy! The great outdoors!", which I plan on doing during Whisker Walk held on June 28th! 

All the money I raise goes directly to help save Akitas a.k.a Fuzzy Butts.

Whisker Walk  Team Kitara

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