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In November 2018, I found my new heart dog. Her name is Ky. Most of you know her as Grand Champion Kyanza, but now she is my Princess Kyanza, aka Ky Ky, and many other love names.

Ky started out life as a show dog – much loved and pampered – she was bathed and groomed and had a very nice kennel to live in…But that all changed – not so very long ago Big East Akita Rescue got a call from another rescue alerting them to two beautiful senior Akitas in the hands of an Amish commercial breeder…and THAT breeder no longer wanted them…BEAR stepped in and after much negotiating they drove many hours south to pick up these two sad senior Akitas.

As soon as the BEAR folks arrived they knew they had some pretty special dogs on their hands and couldn’t get them away from the open air hay barn they were staying in fast enough! Nails curling under, coat matted and thin, there was little evidence of the beautiful show dog that Ky had once been. She was sold and then  had been bred and bred, but she was not longer producing puppies so the commercial breeder wanted her “gone”.  BEAR changed all that…good food, the grooming and pampering she deserved – the medical care she had been denied – BEAR made sure Ky and her mate were treated with the kindness and love they deserved!

Ky came to me at just the right time in my life. I had just lost my mom and then, my beloved Edgy Pooh.  To say I was a mess, sad and angry I was just short of going out of mind with loss and loneliness.

The day JoAnn Dimon brought her out to meet me was the day I knew Ky was the ONE!! We both said “Edgy was looking down on me”.   She brings calmness to my life, laughter with her puppy antics - and is she’s no spring chicken! (Shhh don’t tell her that!).

On days I am sad and ready to cry, she is by my side to comfort me. Talk about unconditional love? Well, I hit the JACKPOT!! Coming home to her brings joy to me, taking her for walks that she enjoys so, brings happiness to both of us. Loved by everyone she comes in contact with, she is a true BEAR success story.

Ky' birthday will be 11 years old on August 18, just one day before mine! We would like to celebrate it together helping  other Akitas that are in need by joining the Whisker Walk for Big East Akita Rescue for the second year! Ky was fortunate to have come to BEAR and I was blessed for her to come to into MY life – all thanks to BEAR. 

Please support Team Ky, it’s our goal to raise $500 as a way of paying it forward to all the orphans that BEAR has saved and WILL save in the future. 

PS: Don’t worry, Ky’s mate Lion, has also found a wonderful forever home thanks to BEAR!

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Whisker Walk  Team Ky

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