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​This is Noel and she’s a pretty special Whisker Walker! She has been loved and cherished her entire life - like all Akitas should be. Noel has never known what it meant to be hungry….she has always had quality food. She has never experienced cruelty of a raised hand in punishment or frustration; she hasn’t been ignored and left alone, she has been treated with only comfort and love.

Noel is also a certified Therapy Dog with Therapy Dogs International. It is a wonderful way for this happy healthy Akita to give back some of the love and kindness that has shaped her life. Visiting patients at the Hospital, Nursing Home, and local college students during the stressful time of finals week are just a few of the ways Noel shares her gentle and humorous Akita spirit.

But not all Akitas have the kind of life that Noel does, there are so many Akitas who face just the opposite. Record numbers of sick, starved, abandoned and abused Akitas being dumped in shelters; many are seniors left behind after giving their unconditional love all their lives only to be left behind because they have gotten old. So, there is more work that Noel wants to do! She would like to lend a helping paw to Big East Akita Rescue, without whom, these Akitas might not ever leave the shelter or know the comfort of a warm bed to sleep on, food in their belly and clean water to drink. Noel wants to help BEAR give these Akitas a chance at a safe and loving home like she has and a family that will love them forever.

Please sponsor Noel as she puts one paw in front of the other on the West Coast and joins all her new friends around the world walking the Whisker Walk for BEAR to raise the much needed funds to show these orphaned Akitas that there is hope and happiness ahead for them.

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Whisker Walk Team  Noel

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