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Whisker Walk Team Stanza

Hi Everyone! My name is Stanza, and this is my very first Whisker Walk for Big East Akita Rescue  – My mom had to explain what that was but once she did I was super excited to help Akitas in need.

My mom takes me to do all kinds of fun things like Rally obedience and tricks – oh I LOVE to do tricks! She’s even going to take me to do something called Fast CAT – but she said there aren’t really any cats there, I sorta don’t understand why they call it CAT if there’s no cats… but my Mom says it will be fun! (I still wish there were cats…)

I am 4 years old and I have a little brother who is a “Pittbull” whatever that means – he’s a pain but I love him anyway (don’t tell HIM that though). Sometimes we get to pull our Mom in a rig with some of our friends who are Huskies – that’s just the BEST!

My Mom is really special; she helps other dogs who have no homes or families like I do.  She taught  me and my brother about the  Akitas and other dogs who live outside with no place to get out of the rain and not enough food or water. I want to be like my Mom and help Big East Akita Rescue, so that’s why I am slipping on my harness and takin’ a walk on June 2.

Please sponsor Team Stanza (hey that’s me!).