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Easy Fundraising Ideas

Many akitas and their friends are stepping out at the Whisker Walk June 4th to help bring much needed funds to Big East Akita Rescue. Join us in Lancaster MA for a great day and sponsor an Akita Team! The Whisker Walk ( is an fund raising event for shelters and rescues held at the Lancaster Fair Grounds in Lancaster Massachusetts. All funds collected go directly to BEAR to benefit their orphan Akitas. Please Sponsor a Whisker Walk Team for Big East Akita Rescue - Just scroll through the teams and click the picture to sponsor a Whisker Walker!! Easy peasy and will mean sooo much to all the wonderful akitas in BEAR's care!! 

There are 25 Teams walking from coast to coast and even TWO walking all the way across the ocean in the United Kingdom! Each Team hopes to meet,or better yet, beat their goal of $1000 by June 4th – can we do it? ABSOLUTELY we can – please sponsor one of our walking teams – THERE IS NO SET AMOUNT - YOU CAN SPONSOR FOR $1 , $10 $100 AND MORE…Whatever you want to give will be put to good use saving Akitas. Can't decide who to sponsor - well sponsor them all! Yes, we can take checks be sure to put your Whisker Walker's name on the check!!

Big East Akita Rescue
1001 Fischer Blvd 108
Toms River NJ 08753