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About Raffle 4 Rescue

‚Äč‚ÄčNiki and Oso - our inspiration

What we do

Raffle 4 Rescue is a group of Akita Breeders, Akita Rescuers and Akita Lovers who want to help save our breed from bad situations and keep them from landing in shelters or puppy mills. There are just so many Akitas losing their homes through no fault of their own. Our breed rescues are drowning under the pressure of vet bills, boarding fees, feed, you name it.

This is your chance to help keep these amazing groups keep going. They are saving our dogs, giving homeless, helpless and abused Akitas a second chance at the wonderful life that your Akita experiences.

All the proceeds will go directly to a deserving Akita Rescue. Raffle 4 Rescue does not collect or hold funds - all proceeds go directly into the acccount of the rescue for whom the fundraiser was created.

Contact us at AKITA@raffle4rescue.com

Thank you for helping!