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I am Dexter, a very lucky American Akita boy. I have been living with my pawrents in New York City since I was a tiny floof. I am lucky to have many hoomans in my life who love me very much and spoil me lots. I have never been lonely, hungry, or abused.

But many other Akitas are not so lucky. They wind up hungry and homeless because their people fail them. Fortunately, the pawsome folks from the Big East Akita Rescue (BEAR) do a wonderful job saving these Akitas. They take these pups, clean them, feed them, provide medical care, and do their best to find them loving homes. This year has been extra hard for BEAR with many dogs being surrendered after their owners fell ill with the coronavirus or lost their jobs.

My pawrents and I are once again joining this year's Whisker Walk to raise money for BEAR to assist them with helping the orphan Akitas. Please consider contributing to this worthy cause. No donation is too small.

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Whisker Walk Team Dexter's Paws for the Cause