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Whisker Walk Team Fog Dogs

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Meet Team Fog Dogs,  Roxy, Primo and newbie, Rebel!  Roxy and Primo are Akitas, that have AKC titles in front and behind their names, but that is not what defines them.   Roxy lives up to her name as the life of the party, but she also responds to the name wigglebutt. Primo has always been the wise old soul.  He loves his mom and lets her call him Boo-Boo.  Rebel is one smart cookie, with a title to prove it!  They live in the foggy city of San Francisco and love to be out in the cool fog.   They can often be spotted hiking around Golden Gate Park and the Presidio.  They love to meet new people and show how beautiful and friendly Akitas can be.   They often participate in the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival where they meet 1000s of new friends.   

Team Fog Dogs wants all their friends to know that they are walking with fellow Golden Gate Akita Club members to support Big East Akita Rescue.  Their goal is for every Akita to have a chance at a happy life like theirs.  A life with a warm bed, food, and most importantly, a family to love and that loves them.   

No Akita should be lost or forgotten.  BEAR’s mandate is to be there for those Akitas.    If you sponsor Team Fog Dogs, you will be helping them meet their goal.  

Every sponsorship, no matter how small, will help an Akita in need.