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Hi everyone!  Remember me?  I’m Jax, the white Japanese Akita puppy whose life was saved by Big East Akita Rescue, or BEAR as I love to call them, in 2017.  I was found roaming the streets of Texas at about 6-7 months of age and turned into a shelter for digging into someone’s yard…sheesh.  The shelter had no idea what I was..just some white dog with a curly tail!  Luckily, Mama Jo at BEAR saw that I was in the shelter and asked to have me “evaluated”..whatever that means.  Soon enough my friend Connie came and saw me..she said I was a cute, happy Japanese Akita puppy!  Finally someone who knows me!

Anyway, to make a long story short, I almost lost my life about a week later when I was getting ready to travel to see Mama Jo in New Jersey.  You see, I was supposed to get all my vaccines and get “neutered” before I made the journey.  That’s when things turned bad…while I was sleeping, the Dr. noticed that something was wrong inside my mouth.  Bad wrong.  I had a huge piece of dead bone in my palate and would soon not be able to eat or drink anything.  Mama Jo was given two options…euthanasia (tears…) or referral to a specialist for reconstructive surgery which was going to be costly.  THANKFULLY Momma Jo said take him to the specialist!  Whew!

Well, from there, I rocked it!  Only one surgery (which usually takes 3-4) had me all fixed up!  Even my surgeon was amazed!  About $8000 later I was going to be fine!  See what I mean about dedication of BEAR to Akitas?  While I was recovering some lady came every week and walked me and spent time with me.  In fact, because I had a feeding tube for almost 2 months, she even took me home.  She’s a vet doctor too and said she wanted to take care of me for BEAR.  That’s where I met my forever home with Mom Ilka and Dad Jay!  I knew in the first day that I had them wrapped around my paw!  (And still do by the way!)  Now I run and play with my new best friend Smooch, our favorite game is tackle and chase!

If it weren’t for BEAR, I would likely not be here anymore.  So please help raise money by sponsoring me, or your favorite team, on Whisker Walk!  Your money goes to help more Akitas like me that no one loves, that get dumped, or just lose their way.  Many are seniors or injured and really need the support of Rescue.  I love my Mama Jo and Cabana Dad and look forward to getting to see them at every National when Mom and Dad take me along!

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