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Whisker Walk Team Lotte & Kodi

Hi all it's me Lotte, I've got some news! It's Nugget time - no wait - Whisker Walk time again! This year Dad and I aren't going  on a road trip on June 28th. Nope, we're staying right here (What no nugget trip???). This will be our 3rd Whisker Walk for Big East Akita Rescue and we're going to walk right here in our own neighborhood 'cause there's something called a virus making lots of humans sick and we want to make sure Dad and Mom stay safe and well enough to walk for BEAR!

I know how important that is for Akitas like my brother Kodi who needed help, and let’s face it, I'm always up for a walk and Dad can still get me some chicken nuggets. Who doesn’t love helping akitas in need, a walk AND nuggets??? 

Kodi doesn't have to stay home this year - wait do I have to share my nuggets?? That's ok ‘cause we’re always a team and he knows we're helping the Akitas at BEAR, just like BEAR helped him…I love Kodi and all but he better not sleep on MY bed when we get home!

Please help my Dad and I raise a bunch of money so all the Akitas at BEAR can have a wonderful sister like me.

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