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Whisker Walk Team Moose

Hey y'all!!  My name is Moose.  This is my third BEAR Whisker Walk and I am SO excited!!  See, not only am I thankful for BEAR, but I am also thankful for Zac's Mission and I am here to give back with your help.  

When I was a puppy and dreaming of puppy things and the fun to come in my life, I was devastated when my 'breeder" sold me to a puppy mill.  Yes, a puppy mill!!  She was a bad person.  I mean, what could I possibly have done as a cute, tiny puppy to deserve to be sold to a puppy mill.  I lived two horrible years there, caged and forced to breed.  Then a day came that this puppy mill was being forced to close.  All the dogs, including me, were to be sold at an auction. I was so scared and confused.  I had been shaved because the beautiful, long coat that I should have was a mess. There were so many people bidding on us including other puppy mill owners.  But then there was this angel named Sherry Lockrem.  I didn't realize she was an angel at the time but she kept bidding and bidding on me and my girlfriend, and guess what...she won!!  You see, some awesome donors, Diane and Chris Parmentier had one of my son's, Esben, and they were very determined to free his parents and they did! 

I stayed in boarding a couple weeks and then this man and woman came to see me.  And they brought their Akita girl, Kodi.  She was cute.  I guess they liked me because I went home with them a couple weeks later.  Now I live in Oklahoma City and have a whole acre to roam and chase squirrels on, I get to go on walks and take car rides ( I have to stick my head between the seats and be petted the whole time, not begging of course), and I have Kodi to play with and pester.  I live inside an awesome house and can sleep anywhere I want.  I even have my own big chair!  I get great food so I am not skinny anymore.  But most of all, I love my mommy and daddy.  They love on me and treat me how I always dreamed it should be. 

So, on behalf of all the Akitas still stuck in puppy mills, please help me meet my goal so that more can be saved.  As the saying goes "Rescuing a dog will not change the world, but it will change the dog's world", it sure changed mine and I know all the Moose lovers out there want to do more, so here is your chance. Any size donation will help and as my thanks to you, a big woo woo and some wiggles and licks!