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This is Mace Windu and Jyn Willow - our two loved Akitas - who are also named after fighters in the Resistance in the Star Wars movies.  Their characters were legendary heroes/heroines.

Mace and Jyn provide our family with endless entertainment and companionship.  They are often the bright points of the day, especially with so many tragic stories due to the COVID-19 pandemic these days.  A dog provides so much to their human companions, and asks for very little in return.  Unfortunately, many dogs are placed in shelters and miss being a member of a family; having food; care and love.  So we walk each year to support Big East Akita Rescue (BEAR) to stand in the gap - to provide food, shelter, medical care and LOVE to those Akitas that are left behind and hope to get a new home.  

 Giving LOVE is a dog’s greatest pleasure and purpose and so we ask for your support. As we participate in this walk we hope to make a difference!  Please help BEAR to help those dogs that would welcome the chance to be a member of a loving family! As we walk again this year, please consider donating in any amount you can to “Team Resistance”. You too can be a hero or heroine to a deserving Akita.