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Whisker Walk Team Trash Pandas

At Team Trash Panda we believe eating trash should be a choice and not a way to survive.

 Part of our own team knows firsthand what it’s like not having a home, let alone the high quality trash that comes along with having a family. That is why supporting BEAR through Whisker Walk is important to us.

While BEAR’s orphans are waiting for their forever homes, we will ensure they know the tricks of the trade to helping their future minions:

1. Any unattended food should be immediately consumed regardless of the length of time it has been unsupervised. This is non-negotiable.

2. Any food being consumed by the humans should be shared. Overeating by your human is serious business and it’s your job to help avoid this.

3. All items placed into the bin in the kitchen are first come, first served.

4. If you’re not sure whether you should eat it, definitely put it in your mouth to try it.

5. If you’re out in the neighborhood on trash day, you need to smell the trash cans of every other house. You never know what those weird neighbors might be up to.

6. If you find yourself unsupervised in a Taco Bell parking lot. Get. In. The. Dumpster.

 Thank you for supporting us in our mission to support BEAR.


Nori - Duchess of Dumpsters (diving)

Sundance - House of Hefty (bags)

Willow - Countess of (trash) Cans

Hulk - Earl of Eating (things that don’t belong to him)

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